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Pretty much all set for SPX

The books I’m premiering at the show are…

Nancy Boy - 12 page preview

This is a preview of a book I’m working on right now about a girl fighting her way out of a corrupt gated community with only her wits and a field hockey stick.

Fifinella Color Special

This is a collection of the 3 strips I’ve done for the Magic Bullet newspaper presented in color and oversized.

Tales from the District

A collection of the web comic I used to do with the writer of Nancy Boy, about real life stories of people in DC

Early Adaptors Case Files: D-Bags of Ill-Repute

A slightly beefed up version of the Chester Gould influenced drawings that I premiered last year.

I will also have CrumbSnatchers and am waiting on re-print copies of the DCC anthologies and maybe some other random goodies.
The DC Conspiracy is working on the second issue of our comic Newspaper the Magic Bullet and have set up a Kickstarter page to help with printing costs.

So if you are interested in supporting us or buying an ad in the paper please hop over there and help us out.


R.M. Rhodes and I are continuing our WWII aireal adventure strip Fifinella and have procured the middle spread.
Here is the unlettered and pre grey scale art work.

Some other contributors are...

Troy Allen and David Dean
Carolyn Belefski and Joe Carabeo
Andrew Cohen
Matt Dembicki
Mal Jones
Jeff McComsey
Rafer Roberts
Jim Rugg
Dominic Vivona
Jake Warrenfeltz
Scott White
JT Wilkins
(plus many more)

New Stuff I have been working on

It's all in here!Collapse )

First page is up on BYT. Along with my plans for the comics I'll be putting up.

The premier of the DC Conspiracy's third genre anthology
Dr Dremo's Taphouse of Tall Tales and Short Stories: The Spoils of Crime
In the fine tradition of EC comics Dr. Dremo hosts seventeen stories of crime and punishment and all the little things that can happen in-between.
92 Pages | Black & White TPB Zine $9

DDcover2This is a small collection of the first 7 strips that will be given away with purchases.
Especially if you purchase this...
Super limited edition (only 8) Dahlia Dickenson magnet comic with dry erase bubbles you can fill in yourself. These will be $10.

Nonsensical, Upside Down Craziness! A place where the ordinary can become extraordinary and children's dreams become reality with humorous and endearing results.
Little children and whimsical characters play and interact with each other in a fantastical realm. Tag along with Zoey, the cutest girl in school and messy hair Elliott as they run amok with their friends the Frog King, the devious Koala Bear, and a go-cart riding, gang of penguins called the AnkleBiters.
64 Pages | Color TPB Minicomic

And a handful of hand made journals with the CrumbSnatchers cover.
...League of Lincoln

Some examples of the Design work I do.


More DesignsCollapse )
Some examples of the illustration work I do.


More IllustrationsCollapse )
For my senior thesis I had to create a book about our thesis topic. I chose to do mine on punk design and made a hardback book with cardboard, glue, staples and duct tape.


Take a look insideCollapse )
There is another installment of my webcomic up at BYT
Please give it a glance and maybe slap down a comment...